Dynamic-Site CMS: Maimoon’s Content Management System | Simple, Flexible and Efficient

A content management system – or CMS – allows a website to be updated quickly, easily and at no cost. Updating the written content on a web page should be as quick and easy as writing an email.  And no one wants to get an invoice every time  a website’s content needs to be updated.

Since 2011, we have been building and improving our Maimoon content management tools.  The result is Dynamic-Site. We’ve used this tool to build all our CMS sites. Dynamic-Site now manages all kinds of website content, including ecommerce products, event calendars, slide show images, directory listings and more. For the sake of our clients and ourselves, we have crafted this tool to be as simple and flexible as possible.

It doesn’t get any easier…

For most changes, the process is as follows:

  • Login
  • Select the page
  • Make the change
  • Click save
It’s that simple.

More flexible than a Yoga instructor

We have worked with a wide range of clients in a myriad of industries with diverse website content requirements. The result is a content management tool, Dynamic-Site, that is incredibly flexible:

  • Creative Freedom – From search-optimized adventure travel sites to flash-based gallery websites, Dynamic-Site can power almost any layout or design. This gives our creative team the freedom to focus on the visitors experience without worrying about programming constraints.
  • Features & Functions – We’ve built virtually every website feature you can imagine into Dynamic-Site.  That means we don’t start from scratch each time we build a site, but we gain the flexibility to customize features for each client.  This is how we avoid the limitations that often come with off-the-shelf content management tools.
  • Platform Independence – You may have a website, a mobile site, an extranet, an intranet, and even a digital sign in your lobby.  It doesn’t matter where your content appears.  One Dynamic-Site can drive them all.  Even if your “content” is information used only within your company, Dynamic-Site can help manage things. It forms the backbone behind web applications, such as call centers, association management systems, marketing automation tools and more.

Why else is content management important?

Important for SEO – all things being equal, a site with fresh content will rank higher than a site that never changes

Extend website lifespan – sites without this type of tool will go out of date more quickly and may need to be redesigned after only a few years.

Is Dynamic-Site the only option for my website?

No. Maimoon is capable of building websites using the Drupal and WordPress open-source content management systems.

How did you make Dynamic-Site so good?

Years of feedback and improvements on more than 500 sites managed by more than 1000 site administrators.  The result is Dynamic-Site 2.0:

  • a large library of features and enhancements built over the years
  • a sandbox environment for peer code review/standardizing of best practices
  • a testing process that ensures quality.

Dynamic-Site is undergoing continuous improvement and where possible, we share these improvements with all past clients.

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