Social Media Optimization

Social Media is so versatile and diverse that it may seem overwhelming.  It encompasses a wide range of tools and activities, from making new friends on Twitter, to writing reviews on Yelp, to updating your profile on LinkedIn.

For businesses, social media can serve as facilitated word-of-mouth, a new publishing platform, or as a reputation management tool. As this media’s importance increases,Maimoon can help you by building social media tools right into your own website.

Effective, Built-in and Embedded Tools

Maimoon frequently embeds a variety of popular tools into our client websites:

  • Twitter feeds
  • Facebook “Like” and “Share” buttons
  • WordPress blogs
  • LinkedIn and a wide assortment of social media icons

These are simple additions to websites and, when used properly, can be extremely effective.  But they need to be planned and designed for from the beginning, otherwise they may look like afterthoughts wedged onto the page.

How to Connect Facebook with your Business

We can help you connect your business to the world’s largest social network.  If your site allows people a chance to log in, you could let them log in using their Facebook account.  (You may have seen the “Connect with Facebook” blue button on a growing number of site.)

This benefits the visitor by allowing them to create an account quickly on your site without creating a new user name or password.  But once inside, you’ll benefit because members can easily share things from your site with their friends and post to their Facebook wall.  In addition, some of the visitor’s information gets shared with you to help you analyze your users and site usage.

Example: The Rub Hub

Visitors create accounts using their Facebook login, look at business reviews, and then can post them to their Facebook page. This extends the reach of the Rub Hub  site and makes it more appealing.

Incorporating Social Media as a Site’s Main Draw

Sometimes Maimoon is faced with creating a new website that is itself a form of social media. In such a site, a visitor’s engagement goes beyond just clicking around but involves actually contributing content and doing some of the promotional work.  In these cases, we build the entire site around the social media idea rather than treating it as “embedding.”

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