Web Features | We've built variety of custom features for websites

If you have a feature or function in mind, we can probably show you an example of such a feature or function successfully – and effectively — deployed. Common site enhancements include:

Design Features


  • Contact forms for general inquiries
  • Request a quote for lead generation
  • Apply online for recruiting
  • Registration for events


  • One-month, two-week, four-week, one-year calendars
  • Registration and scheduling tools

Login Features

  • Membership sites – Accounts can be set up by the site administrator, or we can allow visitors to create their own accounts. If desired, we can require members to pay, either as a one-time fee or with recurring billing.
  • Employee intranets to improve communication within an organization
  • Client extranets to improve communications with customers


We have built virtually every e-commerce feature you can imagine:

  • Enhanced product pages with multiple images, suggested products and reviews
  • Promotion codes and sales
  • Customizable products
  • Gift wrapping and gift registries
  • Foreign currency support and international shipping

E-commerce isn’t always for products.  We’ve built sites that collect payment for event registration, directory listings, donations and membership sites.  Learn more about ecommerce.


  • Google Maps integration – great for directions/multiple locations
  • Beautiful, custom-created maps that connect seamlessly with design
  • Clickable maps that pull information from Mighty-Site® or any database


  • Small, clickable thumbnails that open full-sized images
  • Flicker integration to simplify updating
  • Favorite gallery images that can be saved by visitors and sent to friends

Other Systems & Tools

  • Lead Generation sites that connect with CRM systems
  • Ecommerce sites that connect with FedEx and UPS as well as inventory and accounting systems

Social Media Integration

  • Facebook Connect
  • WordPress Blogs
  • Twitter Feeds

Some sites are built to connect to social networks.  These features are about amplifying your own message and leveraging the voice of others. Learn more about social media.

Just about anything else…

If you’ve seen a feature on a web site, there’s a good chance that we’ve done something similar. More important, we can explain why we built it the way we did, and discuss the pros and cons of our approach.

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