WordPress Web Design | Enterprise-level, open-source web platform

WordPress is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world. – WordPress.org

Maimoon designs WordPress websites with high quality by utilizing WordPress modules and applying our design and usability standards. We also do the heavy lifting with development of custom WordPress modules for many web features and ecommerce.

WordPress Web Design

We have produced our own WordPress website “plugins” equipped with all of our clients’ most requested features. Thus, WordPress website projects benefit from the time savings and our focus on the web design to enhance your company brand.

  • Maimoon’s web design process ensures your WordPress website design will be custom to your brand.
  • The creative design is applied to the usability-tested layout and features.

WordPress, Mobile with Responsive Web Design

Maimoon is fully vested in designing responsive websites as a mobile website solution. Our WordPress developers have enhanced a theme that allows us to easily design and configure the responsiveness of a WordPress website.

WordPress Web Development

The WordPress web platform has built-in capabilities that are perfect for feature-rich, user-driven websites and for enterprise-level content management requirements. Some notable WordPress website modules we have used are Salesforce, Ubercart, Webforms, Constant Contact, Site Map, XML Sitemap, Facebook Connect, Views Export, and Views Bulk Operations.

Some standard web features that we tend to include in WordPress websites are:

  • Homepage slideshow
  • Blog
  • Event calendar
  • News
  • FAQ’s
  • User login to private content

Enterprise-level features

  • Administrative user rules for content management
  • Workflow management
  • Multilingual content
  • Great platform for custom directory and association websites

Does WordPress offer Ecommerce?

Yes! Maimoon enhances the design of a WordPress supplied module to manage all online ecommerce functionality. We can also build custom modules to address specific business requirements like:

  • Custom shipping rules
  • Dealer pricing
  • B2B recurring billing

Why choose Maimoon Media to design a WordPress website?

We understand that content marketing and web strategy applies to all website projects regardless of the platform. If you prefer WordPress, we will design, develop, and support it for you. We will implement the same web design process and high quality service to provide the best:

  • Usability
  • Custom web design to enhance your brand
  • High quality web development
  • Maimoon support
  • Reliable hosting

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