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Our Web Process

We start by listening, making sure that we understand the challenges and opportunities for your website. Next Maimoon’s Web Strategists will commence the Web Design Process, for which Maimoon is known for.


First, we capture all the project requirements, from the goals and key audiences, to the features and the brand attributes. Next, we research what key phrases potential visitors are searching for in search engines. Then we align these phrases with pages on the sitemap. Now things get more visual… Wireframe layouts of each page are created, showing the placement of main elements. All of this is done with search engine optimization, visitors and future updates in mind.


Once the discovery phase is complete, the next step is to plan the look-and-feel. Maimoon’s creative team designs mood boards, presenting color palettes, typefaces and image styles, always with brand image in mind. With the wireframes and mood boards approved, the actual visual designs begin to fall into place. Note how the creative process is a series of steps that build on one another, arriving at a final design through a rational, structured approach.


/* Approved designs go from layered image files to browser-tested HTML and style sheets through a process developers called “slice and dice.” */

<script>Next comes the database work. “WordPress”, the content management system, is set up and all custom programming features are developed and tested. Pages are created; content is added and formatted, and everything is clickable and working like an actual website.</script>


These first three phases often take 3-4 weeks. This last phase, deployment, only takes a few days. Maimoon completes a 22-point pre-launch checklist that ensures that everything is fully tested. The site is presented for client review and approval. Everything look good? Great! The DNS information is updated and the button is pushed. The `site goes live.

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